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Address: China GuangDong Foshan City, 3rd Floor, 110 Lianhua Road
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Introduction of Sim Wing Club

Foshan Simwing Club Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. (short title below is Simwing Club) was founded in July 2010, it is the original martial arts of Master Lunjia, and now move to a new site & renamed "Simwing Club", it co-registered by "Foshan Simwing Club Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. " & "Foshan YipMan Wingchun Athletic Association", we are the first officially registered company in Foshan of YipMan Wingchun boxing Club.

It is located in No. 110 Lianhua Load (Lotus Load). Simwing Club has 30 years teaching experience in Wingchun training. Many outstanding Wingchun fans was cultivated in China & abroad. Simwing Club hope to abandon sectarianism & more better united the other YipMan Wingchun Club in the world, we hope to provide a platform for development and promotion of Wingchun boxing.

Wingchun boxing is a treasure of Chinese martial arts, For various reasons, master teach the student by face to face, little by written records, each one has different experience & description, so the Wingchun boxing has many branches & the tree becomes more and more large. However, tracing the source, it was same root, we should unite together, hand in hand, devolping generation to generation.We hope could get from previous & develop the new one, the first step is unite together Wingchun clubs, promote the Wingchun martial arts to the world, the final target is forward to together.We believe, Wingchun boxing could be developed more & more better, as it has more than 200 years history.


The following photos taken from Simwing Club

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